What is New Democracy?

The New Democracy Party was founded in 2015 by a number of like-minded people who believe that the government is responsible for protecting the rights and maximising the well-being of all Australians. We decided Australia needed a new political force after witnessing the appalling performance and behaviour of our current politicians. We don’t believe in politics to feed the egos of careerist politicians, but real and authentic representation of the people’s interests, by people, who truly are for the people – not just before they are elected – but whilst elected.
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New Leadership to Deliver Real Results From and For all Australians

The Way we Roll is New Democracy

New Democracy empowers our members with the knowledge, information and infrastructure to engage with truly democratic but responsible policy development. Our structures and processes guarantee that our members’ input into each policy is based on information they need to make informed suggestions. Read More...

New Democracy Means New Leadership Models:

There is no one within our party that is simply interested in power for power’s sake. We only want political power to make a positive change. It is that simple! No one person will ever control this power by centralised leadership in the New Democracy Party. This is because for every role in our party we have multiple people – working as a team – to address the challenges of each role in the party. We know that centralising political power in any one individual is more likely to be a corrosive force and the basis for poor decision making. So, we celebrate having multiple individuals share the responsibilities within each role. This also gives us the ability to provide every person – the opportunity to work from their strengths - that inspire and motivate their passion to do the work we have ahead of us – as well as delivering better results. Read More...

For these reasons, we have constructed and continue to encourage new models of leadership across all levels of our party. We believe in distributed power and collaborative decision making because we know the truly big challenges facing us all need a fresh approach – predicated upon building a shared vision, understanding and better decision making.

The New Democracy Party delivers empowered, but responsible and democratic policy development – for all members.

The New Democracy Party delivers empowered, but responsible - and democratic policy development - for all members.

Acknowledging our First Nation’s People’s

The New Democracy Party is comprised of ordinary Aussies who believe that enough of our civil liberties and socially just public policies have been eroded for us to draw a line in the sand and say:

“It’s time for positive change!”